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What to see in Borovets?

What to see in Borovets?

One of the oldest winter resorts in Bulgaria is Borovets.

It was founded in 1896 and its old name was Chamkoria. Borovets is located near the capital and it is the place for relaxing at weekend.

It is situated in the nord side of the Rila Mountain at 1350 m above sea level. Because of favorable climate the winter is very suitable for skiing, skateboarding and Alpine skiing.

In winter the snow depth reaches 2 m that is an ideal condition for skiing.

Borovets is surrounded by old pines. It is a really good place for amusements and relaxation.

You could reach the resort easily by the road crossing Samokov.

In winter you can sense the great magnetism of Borovets, when nature is filled with harmony.

Borovets is developing and growing very fast. There are modern buildings, hotels, restaurants, shops, ski trails and ski lifts. There are very good conditions for snowboarding, skiing, cross skating, ski jumping, biathlon, sledge competition and others.


The amusements and the nightlife of Borovets are abundant – restaurants, night-clubs, cafés and discotheques.


There are plenty of tourist sights. The most popular and visited are: Rila Monastery, Musala Mount, Seven Rila lakes, the royal residence Saragyol, Tsarska Bistritsa, Sitnyakovo. The last three are wooden buildings that were Tsar Ferdinand`s hunting cabins.


Musala Mount is the highest mount in the entire Balkan Peninsula, standing at 2,925 m. This is part of the Bulgaria`s richness. There Musala Hut is built, and not far away is the Yastrebets place.

High in the Rila Mountain the famous Sevan Rila lakes are situated. They are the biggest series of lakes, formed as a result of glaciers melting.

The whole view of Rila Mountain is extremely beautiful. Rila Park is situated not far away from Borovets resort.

There are a lot of huddled in the mountain little picturesque villages, whose comfort, calmness and coziness attract many visitors.

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