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Samokov – a destination for relax and tourism

Samokov is a little town with amazing location. It is one of the many mountain destinations that attract with beautiful nature and interesting sights. Samokov is situated in Southwest Bulgaria, before Rila Mountain. The town has conserved its traditions and culture. It has also rich history.

Its history dates back to the Second Bulgarian kingdom. The local people were artisans – mainly blacksmiths and wood-carvers. The forgery was developed because of the metal mine close to Samokov.

Today Samokov is full of historical and cultural monuments and buildings. The town is really hospitable. The road going to Rila Mountain, Musala Mount, Seven Rila Lakes and Rila Monastery passes through the town.
There are a lot of single or two – story houses that are turned into family hotels, motels and guest houses.
The tourists are eager to visit the Uspenie Sveta Bogoroditsa Church , Saint Nikola Church, Covent, Saraf`s house, Belyo`s house, a big fountain, the monument Otets Paisii.
Two of the most famous mountain resorts, Borovets and Malyovitsa, are situated very closely. There are various amusements and opportunities for winter sports. For everyone who wants cheap sleeping accomodation, Samokov is an ideal choice.
Every visit in Samokov is very positive and relaxing. The town is situated at the foot of Rila, surrounded by a pine forest that provides fresh air all year.

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