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Fortress Tsari Mali Grad – antiquity, contemporary art and beauty combined together

Tsari Mali Grad is the first fully restored antique fortress in Bulgaria. It is located near Balchin, a village close to Samokov. Its name means Little Tsarigrad(the ancient slavic name of Istanbul).  You can reach it easily by crossing the road toward mount Saint Spas near Balchin from where the ancient atmosphere spreads out. The fortress is a mixture of antiquity and remains of walls and buildings.

It is a restored Christian complex and the newly built garden is a really nice place for relax. The Fortress is situated on mount Saint Spas. The white towers and stone walls had been preserved until ХIХc. They reminded of Tsarigrad.

Today the ancient fortress attracts thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Tsari Mali Grad is considered as one of the wonders of Bulgaria. Its surface is 10 decares.

The renovated fortress has enormous importance for the region. The visitors have the opportunity to see also the medieval church Sveta Petka, built in XVIc, the late antique fortress, dated from IV-VIc. There are seven different expositions with more than 800 finds. A rope bridge, that is 100 m long, connects the historical buildings with a lovely park. The amusements are for every age. One of the most impressive things is the performing of various concerts, plays and historical movies. All of this carries the visitors away in the dimension of the past Bulgarian time.

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